so, what's in your mouth, is in your gut!!

Yes, we all know "you are what you eat" but I’m not talking about food …………I’m talking about all those millions of bugs in your can swallow up to one trillion of them a day!

So there is no surprise that our oral micorbiome influences our GUT microbiome. In fact, the bacteria found in the mouth & colon have about a 45% overlap.

Dysbiosis (or dysbacteriosis) is a term used when there is a microbial imbalance on or inside the body. It’s most commonly used in reference to the GUT, but it goes without saying that if you have a bit of an infection in your mouth, say gingivitis, cavities, or a poor diet, you may have oral dysbiosis.

Some similarities between gut & mouth bacterial environment:

  • the microbes are organised in biofilms

  • imbalances or dysbiosis, & the immune reaction to microbes leads to disease

  • they both have an epithelial lining that is permeable

  • diet high in refined carbohydrates & sugar influence the microbial population

  • C section birth leads to less microbial diversity

  • low numbers of pathogens are normal & harmless if a person is healthy

  • the oral microbiome strongly influences the composition of the gut microbiome

Our mouth health is often forgotten by many health practitioners with regard to chronic gastrointestinal disease ………. think about it - could a chronic dysbiosis in the mouth be feeding your GIT symptoms?

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