colon hydrotherapy

"It has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people's health problems"  (Dr Bernard Jensen)
Colon Hydrotherapy can restore heatlh & vitality to the large bowel and provides the ground-work upon which other therapies can be successfully implemented.
It safely & gently removes accumulated toxin, mucus and waste off the bowel wall - this greatly enhances the health of the patient.
CleanseClinic utilises the latest technology & only disposable equipment.  Your session takes place in a private, relaxed & clean environment with an experienced health professional. 
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Did you know that an unhealthy bowel is linked to many health conditions?
diabetes         chronic fatigue
obesity                 depression
mood disorders            stress
acne                irritable bowel
candida                   headache
constipation              diarrhea
back ache              bad breath
arthritis        bowel infections
              .......& so much more

          colon hydrotherapy & nutrition

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