So, it's that time of year, where you start to see those shop front signs telling you how many days there are until xmas.  Unfortunately, for me that just means

Let's face it, there are a million green juices out there - and they can be a combination of whatever you like so there is no reason not to enjoy them!!


They're a quick way to get good nutrients into you and can be soooooo much better that "other" fast foods.


The juice I made today, contains the following:


1/2 avocado

1 small banana (frozen)

1 large handful baby spinach

1/4 lemon

5 mint leaves

250ml coconut water

250ml water



Just put all the ingredients into your favourite type of blender (mine is a thermomix) & process to the consistancy you enjoy




Yes, we all know "you are what you eat" but I’m not talking about food …………I’m talking about all those millions of bugs in your can swallow up to one trillion of them a day!


So there is no surprise that our oral micorbiome influences our GUT microbiome.   In fact, the bacteria found in the mouth & colon have about a 45% overlap.


Dysbiosis (or dysbacteriosis) is a term used when there is a microbial imbalance on or inside the body.  It’s most commonly used in reference to the GUT,  but it goes without saying that if you have a bit of an infection in your mouth, say gingivitis, cavities, or a poor diet, you may have oral dysbiosis.


Some similarities between gut & mouth bacterial environment:

  • the microbes are organised in biofilms

  • imbalances or dysbiosis, & the immune reaction to microbes leads to disease

  • they both have an epithelial lining that is permeable

  • diet high in refined carbohydrates & sugar influence the microbial p...

This recipe is so versitile & super easy to make - make it your own & play around with adding flavours that you like


If you want it more as a dressing just add a little extra water, oil or lime/lemon juice to make it thinner   


Leave it as a creme & its great to spread on ....well anything really 

add extra small chunks of avocado & you've got yourself a fantastic avocado smash 


The good news is that if you add the lemon/lime then it will actually keep a couple of days in the fridge (if it lasts that long)


1 avocado

1 tbls avocado oil

1/2 cup flat leaf parsley

juice of 1/2 lime

juice of 1/2 lemon

1/4 cup water

fresh ginger to taste 

salt & pepper


Put all the ingredients in a blender together & process until smooth, or the consistency you prefer


It's at this point you can add more water, juice, oil depending on what you use it for




Juices are a perfect for increasing your fruit & vegetable intake - lets face it, you can hide lots of ingredients from those 'fussy' eaters (think baby spinach with blueberries…. you’d never know)


For the most part juices are a fantastic way of providing us with nutrients and antioxidants that are easy for the body to absorb.  But can you get too much of a good thing?  For sure!!!!  


A few golden rules I always advise my clients to follow:

  • 1/4 to 1/2 a lemon is a staple of all of my juices.  This helps to cut through that ‘earthy’ taste many people don't like in a healthier veggie juice 

  • Try to only put 1-2 pieces of fruit in your juice - This is especially true if you are having a juice made at a cafe, or at juice bars as they often are high in fruit.  I know this can be a bit tough for some - if that’s you - just aim to start reducing the amount of fruit you put in

  • Don’t opt...


It feels good to eat well (and healthy) - but sometimes healthy food can still be improved on...


For example many sushi rolls are often packed full of rice & only contain a small amount veggie or protein filling (the bit I like best)


They don't take long to make & contain 5 types of veggies along with good fats.


Use your imagination and be creative with the fillings!!


1 packet nori (seaweed) sheets


For the cauliflower rice:

1/2 a medium cauliflower

1/2 cup pecans (soaked in water for 15 mins)

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

juice of half a lemon


Take pecans out of the water & blitz all these ingredients together in a blender to the consistency of rice


For the fillings - cut into stips:

2 small carrots 

2 chunks of cucumber (about 8cm long)

red cabbage (cut up the same quantity as the carrot)

1 cup of alfalfa sprouts 


Set aside the veggies once cut


For the avocado cream:

1 avocado

squeeze of 1/2 lemon

1cm knob of ginger


Again, whiz all these ingredients in a blender and set aside


Now to...

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